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I bring you three applications to earn money on Paypal without having to do much

julio 27, 2022

 I bring you three applications to earn money without having to do much.

Obviously, none of these applications will provide you with thousands of income a day or make you a millionaire, but they are an alternative to accumulate income that, although very small, over time and diversifying its use, can generate an unexpected amount.

I bring you three applications to earn money without having to do much

It is worth mentioning that among the mobile applications to earn money with PayPal that exist in the market, you can run into possible scams, so you must be careful, investigate very well and stick only with the most legitimate and reliable tools.

You know that there are mobile applications with which you can earn money through PayPal. Exactly, there are applications with which you can generate income from anywhere and at any time with your phone. And also, without problems to process the collection or withdrawal in the country where you are, since many of them pay through PayPal. Here I show you some of those applications.


It is a program that helps you obtain rewards online thanks to various activities that you can carry out comfortably from your mobile or computer. With these activities you will be able to obtain rewards, also called SB. These SBs can be redeemed on different platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Dominoes or even in cash through PayPal. (That is, you will not have to buy anything online if you do not want to).

When you register you must complete your profile if you want to earn SB (That’s how easy it is to get them). They are simple data such as age, sex or residence. Data that helps the platform to know how to offer you different offers.

If you choose the Swagbucks search tool (powered by Yahoo), you can also get rewards for it. You can make it your main search engine and earn up to 30SB per day. Of course, when any of your searches are compatible, you must enter a code.

Every day you will find a different task that if you complete it can earn you up to 1 and 4 additional SB. Tasks can range from a short 5-minute survey to a full 30-minute survey. It all depends largely on how much the platform you are participating in values. That is, if he sees you active, he will give you tests in which you can get more SB.


Te traigo tres Aplicaciones Para Ganar Dinero en Pay pal sin tener que hacer mucho



If you like photography and you are one of those who usually capture different quality images with your mobile camera, then Foap is another app that could be among your options to earn money through PayPal.

The dynamic is simple: you take attractive photos and upload them to the Foap gallery with permission for purchase and free use. The community of photographers and users interested in buying photos to use in their projects can buy your photos on Foap and reward you for your work. And I won’t tell you more, discover it for yourself and live the experience with this application, from my point of view it is very good.



is another of the apps that pay you by PayPal. It is a cloud-based usability testing tool that helps digital agencies and user experience researchers optimize their products.

If you speak English fluently, you can earn money with the Userfeel app from your mobile by performing simple tasks such as offering comments on the design, presentation, information structure, speed of the site or web application, among other details that can add value to the customer’s perception every time he visits the website. You will earn $10 for each test and they usually last about 15 minutes.