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In recent times, cryptocurrencies have grown a lot, they have become very popular for everyone and there are even free bitcoins sites. Although several are blows. For this reason, I will explain how to avoid them.

The first thing you need to learn is that in this life no person or business gives something without expecting anything in return, but if possible, win and there are many ways here that I will teach you what they are:

The two best online games to win free bitcoing

A common way is to win Bitcoin to do some homework, such as playing a game, conducting research, seeing an ad or participating in an event.If you are new in the cryptocurrency world, the bitcoins systems are perfect and soon you will be a professional on the subject.

How to make free bitcoin

There are many games and websites to win free bitcoins for research or see advertising. But these activities are very boring and I know that you will stop doing it, I recommend that you use online games, as you can do what you like best and at the same time beats bitcoing,The most popular site you can make bitcoins a little fun.

   Bit Fun

Bit Divert is a platform that has many mobile video games and where you can play and earn bitcoins.Among all these games are “Cut The Rope”, it is a logical game that has been downloaded over 100 million times on mobile devices. The goal of the game is to give a frog a candy while collecting stars.Bit Fun also offers several possibilities for Bitcoing: it has an accumulated way you can claim whenever you want. It also has PTC options, where Bitcoins offered to visit sites, download applications or answer questions.In addition, the fun bit is linked to coinpot. If you register in the same email as your coinpot account, Satoshis will be sent to your wallet automatically and instantly.You can register -you and start winning on bitfun with the following link:SUBSCRIBE -You must start winning


Cryptokitties is a game developed in Ethereum blockchain. Its main objective for paternity, purchase and sale of cyber pet.
This video game became popular in the cryptographic world. It was a success since a week after the official release, there was an increase of more than 6 times in the number of transactions made at Ethereum. If it wasn’t enough, something was very surprising, as there was a pet sales for over $ 100,000, that is, this is a lot of money that can be your payment.To play Cryptokittes, you will need Ethereum cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is necessary to start buying the first pets and increase the new ones you get. To win Ethereum, you must sell the pets you receive. You can buy a cat crypt and sell more to sell the new pets you create.

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I taught you the two best games to win Bitcoing and totally safe, what you are expecting to try!