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Top 10 best games in the play store for Android 2022

enero 2, 2022

It is the most popular car racing game from Codemasters and the main commitment of this studio to give players the opportunity to enjoy impressive races with all kinds of vehicles, including Formula 1 vehicles, sports cars, rally cars and, ultimately, any kind of car that can reach impressive speed and make you vibrate with excitement. GRID Autosport is a car enthusiast’s dream! With this game you can choose car tuning races, drag races, destruction derbys, drifting races and much more.

If you want to enjoy rally races, skidding left and right with each curve, or if you like more precision races like Formula 1, you will be able to have it in this game along with urban sports car races like Need for Speed. If you want to make the most of your love of motorsports, you can’t go wrong with this game.

Although in the game we will not have access to all the game modes that the paid version incorporates, we will be offered the possibility of playing classic races. Of course, almost all the parameters that define the potential of our car will already be defined. Our only concern will be to get on board each racing car to demonstrate our ability to masterfully drive on each circuit.

Within GRID we will enjoy three different cars that we can test throughout complete races, survival mode or fast lap. All these game modes will be tested on the Indianapolis, Yas Marina or Sepang International Circuit.